Three evening photos

On the way back from Barley to Downham I came along the road that has a fine view across the Ribble Valley. A few weeks ago I walked along here, but the batteries in the camera had gone and even though I had memories of the scenery you lot aren’t mindreaders, so that was no good. Last week I came by and sort of couldn’t/didn’t stop. My excuse was I’ll come back.

And I did. With SLR and tripod. Click on them for a larger view.

Looking north. The most distant hills are in Yorkshire: Whernside and Ingleborough and Pen-y-Ghent is probably there too.


Looking directly into the sun, hence the lens flare. Long grass sparkling as it sways in the breeze.


The last of the light before it settles behind the hills of Bowland.


4 responses to “Three evening photos

  1. Those are really beautiful. The second one reminds me of when my friend Richard and I came across the sun shining through grass like that and both took photos, he with his digi-camera (point and shoot) and me with my film SLR and both straight into the sun like that. You couldn’t see a pair of more different pair of results than what we ended up with!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. The light was irresistable and the ‘straight at the sun’ shots were a must, even though I knew there’d be a bit of flare. It sometimes depends on the quality of the glass used in the camera lens. There’s usually less flare in better lenses, but there can be other factors.

  3. I love these photos & it was only after clicking on LIKE that I realised where they were. Not that I know the area but I do want to find out. Thank you.

    • Thanks for liking the photos. The area is full of fascinating history and well worth a number of visits. (I’ve just got back from an afternoon there.) On one side of Pendle Hill you’ve got the history of witchcraft, and on the other side historic Clitheroe and surrounding villages.

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